Film, music & advertising services for artists/bands, actors, models, and businesses. 825 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO 64111 | | (816) 561-1622 or (800) 891-3990

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We're a music & film studio that services music artists & bands, production companies, actors, models, and businesses.

Music & Video Recording

We record music on both digital and analog systems, and have the capability to record live outside of the studio. We also shoot music videos.

Music Production Lab

We produce music for rock, R&B, rap, hip-hop, country, and jazz artists & bands. Plus, we make music for broadcast on television and radio stations.

Mastering & Editing

Our educated studio engineers master music tracks and film with precision to meet the needs of clients. David, one of our coop engineers, has a Grammy Award to boot!

Marketing & Promotions

   We can handle all types of campaigns - online, print, radio, tv, cellular, and outdoors.

   We promote music and music videos to industry executives (A&Rs), radio stations, television networks, and music fans.


   We work with partners to distribute music and music videos online and to select national, international and local retail stores for sale and broadcast.

   We distribute all types of music...that's every genre!


   We replicate & duplicate full color albums (aka records and LPs), CDs, DVDs, records and tapes.

   We design cover layouts that are compelling and attractive to music fans.

Private Lessons

   Music & Music Production.

   Acting & Film Production.


   Get shots on the set or anywhere in town.

   Get custom design work.

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